10 Best Homemade Dog Training Treats Expert Trainer Tips

dog training treats

The best dog training treats can often be made from ingredients that are already lurking in your fridge and pantry. Whether you are tired of store-bought, bland biscuits and allergen-laden dog treats or simply want a healthy and drool-worthy experience for your furry pal, you have come to the right place. In this dog-training treats recipe guide, we are dishing out 10 lip-smacking and healthy homemade dog-training treat recipes that will have your four-legged friend doing anything you want! These treats are sure to take your pup’s training sessions to a whole new level.

Dog Training Collars – Know Which One is Right For Your Pet!

dog training collars

Dog training collars can be a daunting subject for dog owners – even trainers have mixed views on what’s the best! However, dog training can become a lot easier when you use the right tools and equipment. The key to training a dog is to make sure they understand what behaviour you want them to […]

Obedience Training Basics – Everything You Need to Know!

obedience training

A dog that has been trained in basic obedience is also less likely to indulge in destructive behaviour, and it is also generally safer for your dog when you have trained it in simple commands. Obedience training is a dog sport that can help to calm a dog and provides important mental stimulation. Most dog owners will be able to find a dog obedience club near them that can teach them the basics of how to train common commands like sit, drop, stand, and stay along with the basics of loose leash walking.