Obedience Training for Puppies – Schedule by Age


Obedience Training for Puppies requires tasty treats, toys and lots of enthusiasm. Thankfully, the best puppy training sessions are only 1-2 minutes long and start from the moment you meet your new pup! A puppy that has been trained in basic obedience is also less likely to indulge in destructive behaviour, and life is generally […]

How to Crate Train a Dog Quickly – Step-by-Step Guide for Dog Owners!


Ever wondered how to crate train a dog quickly? Are you considering crate training your puppy or adult dog? Then this guide will help you! It will offer you insights into the benefits of crate training, how to choose the right crate for your pet, and steps you can take to establish a positive crate-training routine.

How to Teach a Puppy to Sit? Step By Step Guide

how to teach a puppy to sit

Your puppy has started to learn the basics of toilet training and now you’re wondering ‘how to teach a puppy to sit’. The “sit” command is one of the most fundamental obedience training cues for a dog to learn. Your puppy will learn many other basic behaviours such as come, stay, down, and even the standing pose from the ‘sit’ command.

How Much Do Puppies Sleep? Complete Guide to Puppy Zzzz’s!

how much do puppies sleep

How much do puppies sleep? Puppies are little bundles of energy that need to run, play, and explore. They also take several naps a day which makes us wonder ‘How much sleep do puppies need?’ and ‘Is my puppy getting adequate sleep?’ We all know sleep is important for kids and the same holds for […]

How To Train Your Puppy To Be Alone – Step By Step Guide

train puppy to be alone

Train your puppy to be alone; it will help make your puppy independent, and this life skill will enable you to go to work and social gatherings. A puppy has most likely spent all its time with its littermates, other dogs, and humans at the breeder’s place. That is why you will need to train […]

How To Stop Puppy Biting Fast in Two Days

stop puppy biting fast

Want to learn how to stop puppy biting fast? This behaviour can cause panic in the minds of new pet parents. Worry not it is natural for puppies to bite, especially during their teething phase. Fortunately, you can also train your little fur baby to control this bad habit. Training your puppy to stop biting […]

Loose Leash Walking Training in 5 minutes – All You Need to Know!

loose leash walking

Every dog needs to know how to walk properly on a leash. It is one of the most important skills you can teach your puppy. It will help you and your dog in numerous ways, particularly when you take it out to public places. It is especially an important skill for potential guide dogs, family […]

Preventing Dog Bites – A Guide For Parents

preventing dog bites

Preventing Dog bites in children should be a parents number one priority. If statistics are to be believed, every year, there are more than 2,000 cases of dog bites in Australia. Despite a parent’s best puppy training efforts, unfortunately, young children and the elderly are still the most vulnerable to canine-related injuries. The highest rates of dog-related […]

Resource Guarding in Dogs & How To Stop It

resource guarding in dogsresource guarding in dogs

If you have a dog or puppy who snaps, growls, barks, or bites when you try to take away its food bowl, toys, or bone, then you have a ‘resource-guarder’ on hand. Some resource-guarding dogs even guard their sleeping positions and their mates or owners! Resource guarding in dogs is a common behaviour problem. The […]

How to Introduce A Dog to a Baby – 8 Simple Steps to Success

How to Introduce A Dog to a Baby

If you own a dog and are about to bring home your baby, you might have many questions like, ‘How to Introduce A Dog to a Baby‘, ‘How will my dog handle this? ‘Will he/she be jealous?’, ‘is there a chance that s/he might bite my baby?’ In this guide, we tell you How to Introduce […]