Obedience Training for Puppies – Schedule by Age


Obedience Training for Puppies requires tasty treats, toys and lots of enthusiasm. Thankfully, the best puppy training sessions are only 1-2 minutes long and start from the moment you meet your new pup! A puppy that has been trained in basic obedience is also less likely to indulge in destructive behaviour, and life is generally […]

Puppy Vaccination Australia – All You Need to Know!

timing of puppy shots

The timing of puppy shots in Australia divides vaccines into two groups- core vaccinations and non-core vaccinations. All dogs need core vaccines routinely. On the other hand, non-core vaccines are not given routinely and they depend on the dog’s lifestyle, geographical location, and risk factors. In this guide, we tell you the exact timing of […]

Best Doggy Daycare Review: 7 Pros/Cons to Look Out For

doggy daycare

Choosing the best doggy daycare for your puppy or adult dog can be overwhelming and knowing what to look out for is essential. The best doggy daycare facilities have separate areas for large and small dogs, to ensure the smaller dogs don’t get injured. Contagious diseases can spread quickly through dog daycares and therefore excellent hygiene and management of vaccination checks, parasites etc is critical to the health of dogs in their care. Separation anxiety can be a common behaviour problem for owners that need to work and leave their dog at home alone. However, a poorly run doggy daycare can exacerbate and introduce behaviour problems like reactivity, aggression, fear, barking, chewing etc.

Best Puppy Preschool Training Review: 7 Pros/Cons to Know

puppy preschool

Puppy PreSchool can be a valuable training aid for new puppy owners. The best trainers encourage socialisation while building life skills through positive training. The worst trainers can traumatise young puppies by facilitating uncontrolled off-leash play that leads to the rehearsal of over-excitement, barking, biting etc. At best these poorly run puppy preschools will train your dog to value interacting with other dogs more than engaging with you. This is a recipe for disaster behaviour down the track! Learn how to find the best puppy preschool near you.