10 Questions to Ask Dog Breeders in Australia

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Once you have decided to buy a puppy, you must seek out reputable dog breeders who genuinely care about their dogs’ welfare. The dog breeders you choose should also be your source of information and should be willing to provide you with support in the future as well. Before you set out to visit the […]

How Is a Dog Breed Created?

How Is A Dog breed created?

This article explores how a new dog breed is created. The process requires an understanding of complex canine genetics and selective breeding. Only by adhering to these steps can breeders ensure that only the best traits are passed on to the new breed.

Buying a Puppy – Doodle (Oodle) Guide

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Buying a puppy can be a daunting experience. We explain what to look for when buying a Doodle (poodle mix breed) puppy from shedding, temperament, ethical breeders, exercise requirements, grooming, feeding, training, behaviour and more.

10 Best Dog Breeds – Australia Loves These Canine Companions! (2023 Guide)

best dog breeds

If you’re looking to add a puppy to your family, you’ll want to know the best dog breeds! We analysed popular search engine results and related data to identify the most sought-after and beloved dog breeds in Australia and around the world.

From loyal companions to energetic playmates, this guide includes a list of the top 10 dog breeds that have captured the hearts of Australians.

Our list of best dog breeds includes pedigree breeds as well as some cross-bred dogs, and there are a few surprise entries as well!

Understanding an Aggressive Dog – How to Calm, Training and Handling

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Dealing with an aggressive dog can be dangerous and challenging. Therefore, it is important to handle the situation with caution, understand the root causes behind the aggression, and use the right training techniques to prevent it. It is important to understand that all dog aggression stems from one or more underlying causes. Once you understand these causes, you can take the right steps to treat the problem.

10 Best Small Dog Breeds for Families

best small dog breeds for families

Are you looking to buy or adopt a small dog for your home? Confused by the sheer variety available in small and compact-sized dogs? Did you know there are nearly 65 AKC-recognised purebred small dog breeds and countless small-sized mixed-breed dogs? Making a choice can indeed be challenging. Worry not! We’ve got you covered! Presenting a list of 10 of the best small dog breeds, perfect for Australian families. We have also covered the traits of a good family dog.

Top 10 Dogs For a Small Yard – You’ll Love These Space-Savvy Companions!

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Ever wondered what breeds are in the top 10 dogs for a small yard? Listen up, dog lovers living in a small home or apartment! 

You need not let your small square footage discourage you from keeping a dog. Research shows that over 2,500,000 Australians live in homes with small yards or apartments. And a vast majority of these people have pets. Statistics also show that dogs are the most common pets in Australia.

The list given below consists of dog breeds that are ideal for an apartment or a home with a small yard. Please consider factors like the breed’s shedding, barking, and energy needs before committing to getting a dog.

10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Dogs are a man’s best friend and the Best Dog Breeds for Kids are often mentally flexible, easy to train and robust enough to handle some rough play. They also make wonderful companions for kids, providing endless joy and companionship and even guarding and protecting them. 

Finding quality puppies for sale – expert tips!

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By prioritising health testing, understanding show or working lines, ensuring breeder health guarantees, evaluating the pup’s early training, and considering the reputation and references of the breeders, you can increase your chance of finding a healthy, well-bred puppy. In this guide, we cover the key factors that can help you find high-quality puppies for sale.

10 Smartest Dog Breeds – Based on New Scientific Research

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Dr. Stanley Coren, a neuropsychological researcher and professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, studied canine intelligence extensively. He concluded that 51% of a dog’s intelligence stems from its genes, while the remaining 49% comes from its environment. Dr. Coren also studied canine intelligence in categories like obedience, memory, social training, and powers of observation. We reveal the 10 smartest dog breeds, based on this research.