Dog CPR – What You Need to Know!

dog CPR

Dog CPR, or canine cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is exactly like that carried out on humans. If a dog has stopped breathing, you can perform CPR and resuscitate it by getting its heart and lungs to start working.

The quicker you can perform CPR on a dog that is not breathing, the less damage is likely to have been done. A complete recovery is also possible, as long as the animal’s brain wasn’t deprived of oxygen for too long.

In this guide, we tell you how to perform dog CPR.

Puppy Training for Beginners – Master Dog Training Pawsitively!

puppy training for beginners

Are you looking to train your new puppy? Then this Puppy Training guide is for you! We have specially designed it so beginners to puppy training can easily build a solid foundation for training a young dog. 
In this guide, we cover how to train some vital life skills, basic obedience commands, housetraining (toilet training and crate training), as well as early enrichment, including socialising your pup.

Effective Training Strategies for a Reactive Dog

dog reactivity

Dog reactivity is a complex subject. Different trainers define dog reactivity differently. However, for the most part, dog reactivity is offensive-defensive behaviour based on anxiety or fear.
We discuss two training solutions that are transforming the lives of owners and their dogs worldwide.

Best Doggy Daycare Review: 7 Pros/Cons to Look Out For

doggy daycare

Choosing the best doggy daycare for your puppy or adult dog can be overwhelming and knowing what to look out for is essential. The best doggy daycare facilities have separate areas for large and small dogs, to ensure the smaller dogs don’t get injured. Contagious diseases can spread quickly through dog daycares and therefore excellent hygiene and management of vaccination checks, parasites etc is critical to the health of dogs in their care. Separation anxiety can be a common behaviour problem for owners that need to work and leave their dog at home alone. However, a poorly run doggy daycare can exacerbate and introduce behaviour problems like reactivity, aggression, fear, barking, chewing etc.

How to Crate Train Your Puppy in 3 Days!

Crate Train Your Puppy

You can Crate Train Your Puppy in 3 Days using our Fast and Humane Dog Training Method for a calm dog. Crate training helps a pup develop independence & flexibility when left alone.

10 Dog Breeds That Make the Best Protection Dogs

protection dogs breeds

The best protection dogs are big dog breeds that can withstand a hit from an intruder without being severely injured or deterred. While some dogs are natural protectors, others benefit from guard dog training to fine-tune their skills.
We’ve compiled a list of the ten breeds that make the best protection dogs. They are known for being the most protective, loyal, and devoted guard dogs.