Best Puppy Preschool Training Review: 7 Pros/Cons to Know

puppy preschool

Puppy PreSchool can be a valuable training aid for new puppy owners. The best trainers encourage socialisation while building life skills through positive training. The worst trainers can traumatise young puppies by facilitating uncontrolled off-leash play that leads to the rehearsal of over-excitement, barking, biting etc. At best these poorly run puppy preschools will train your dog to value interacting with other dogs more than engaging with you. This is a recipe for disaster behaviour down the track! Learn how to find the best puppy preschool near you.

7 Important Assistance Dogs that are Transforming Lives

assistance dogs

Assistance Dogs provide support and meet the needs of people living with a disability. These dogs are usually breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, Labradoodles and German Shepherds. In order to receive NDIS funding an Assistance Dog needs to be considered a necessary and relevant support. Assistance Dogs are sometimes available for sale through registered assistance animal providers and must pass a Public Access test to ensure they are suitable for working in the community.

Guard Dog Training – Step-by-Step Guide

guard dog training

Guard Dog Training – Identifying sound genetics in big dog breeds, navigating the cost and finding the best guard dog training solutions near you can be daunting. Anyone can call themselves a guard dog trainer and sell property and personal protection dogs for thousands of dollars. We share our top tips for finding the best guard dog for your family or business. The steps involved in the guard dog training process can start as early as 8 weeks of age with obedience and bite training with training tools like tugs and sleeves.

Therapy Dog Training – A Brief Guide

therapy dog training

Therapy dogs offer many health benefits to their owners. They are typically calm dogs that respond well to therapy dog training. We discuss the costs, breeders, therapy dogs for sale, training, breeders and much more.

Obedience Training Basics – Everything You Need to Know!

obedience training

A dog that has been trained in basic obedience is also less likely to indulge in destructive behaviour, and it is also generally safer for your dog when you have trained it in simple commands. Obedience training is a dog sport that can help to calm a dog and provides important mental stimulation. Most dog owners will be able to find a dog obedience club near them that can teach them the basics of how to train common commands like sit, drop, stand, and stay along with the basics of loose leash walking.