6 Common Puppy Behaviours Explained & Best Training Tips

common puppy behaviours

Common Puppy Behaviours like chasing, biting, barking and jumping up are normal and rewarding to pups, they will continue to become worse if they are allowed to be rehearsed. Here’s what to do when training new puppy behaviours.

How desexing can change male dog behaviour

desexing can change male dog behaviour

While desexing can change male dog behaviour, can it actually make aggression and barking worse? The latest research suggests that desexing a male dog early can increase aggression and fearfulness. Similarly, desexed male dogs can display persistent barking. However, desexing male dogs can also reduce frustrating behaviours like howling when left alone and scent marking.

What Is a Canine Behaviourist + 5 Tips for Finding the Best

canine behaviourist

Your dog’s behaviour can have a significant impact on your life. In some cases, pet parents even have to consider parting ways with their dogs when everyday life becomes impossible due to their dogs’ behaviour. This is where a canine behaviourist can help.

10 Dog Behaviourist Facts – Improve your Dog’s Behaviour Today

Dog Behaviourist

The best Dog Behaviourists are professionals that have a deep understanding of dog psychology and animal behaviour. They can be presented with behaviour problems such as separation anxiety, aggression, dog-dog reactivity, barking, vocalising, hyperactivity etc and understand why those behaviours are occurring. By asking a series of questions about the dog’s lifestyle, health, behaviour and past experiences, they can then formulate a behaviour modification plan to transform your dog’s behaviour problems.