10 Tips for Taking Your Puppy To The Dog Park

Taking Your Puppy To Dog Park

New puppy owners often think that one of the most important socialisation experiences is Taking Your Puppy To Dog Park. Dog parks can be great places for puppies to interact with other dogs but they can also be potentially dangerous and harmful if you’re not prepared. Just like in the case of a child visiting day-care for the first time, your puppy could get scared or overwhelmed by this experience. We share our trainer and behaviourist’s top 10 tips for making Taking Your Puppy To Dog Park a smooth and positive experience for everyone.

Tips for Taking Your Puppy to the Beach for the First Time

Taking Your Puppy To The Beach

We’ve already discussed taking your new puppy to a dog-friendly cafe or restaurant in a previous blog post. However, Taking Your Puppy to the Beach does entail taking a few precautions and important items to make the experience safe and positive. We also share some of our favourite dog friendly beaches.

6 Success Tips for taking a Puppy to a Dog-Friendly Cafe

how do you take a puppy to a cafe?

Do you plan to take your puppy to a dog-friendly cafe or restaurant? It is a wonderful and essential part of socialising your pet and exposing them to a variety of experiences! However, even if these establishments welcome our furry pals, they still expect dogs to behave properly. After all, these busy places can have several people walking by and the last thing you want is for your puppy to jump on them. In this guide, we briefly cover some puppy training tips to get your dog to behave properly in a cafe or restaurant.

How to Calm a Dog in 10 Easy Steps

training calmness in dogs

It can be extremely stressful dealing with an anxious, hyper or stressed dog. If behaviours like panting, whining, barking, chewing, pacing, spinning, jumping up, reactivity, pulling and biting sound familiar. Read this training guide to calm down your dog today.

10 Big Dog Breeds We Love

10 big dog breeds

If you’re considering adopting one of these 10 Big Dog Breeds; understanding their behaviour traits and training needs is vitally important to ensure their well-being and your happiness. This guide describes the breeding, temperament characteristics, behaviour traits, general training needs and our top training tips for 10 of the world’s most popular, big dog breeds.

Dog Behaviour and 6 Incredible Influences

6 things that influence a dog's behaviour

Training Calmness in Dogs: we share our top training tips to calm down any dog or puppy fast! There are many factors that influence a dog’s behaviour. Humans have been living with dogs as far back as 30,000 years, that’s 10,000 years before the domestication of other species like horses, cows etc. Just as we’ve influenced dog behaviour over the centuries, armed with this knowledge, we can optimise our dog training solutions in order to get the most out of the dog in front of us. Understanding the 6 things that influence a dog’s behaviour is invaluable in setting a dog up for success.