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Foresight Dog Obedience Training Online and Group Classes – creating calm puppies by teaching proven training methods.

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Dog Obedience Training Classes in Sydney, NSW and Online

Our Dog Obedience Training Process



Build your relationship and improve your dog's 'blue tooth' connection. Our training builds the foundation for behaviour-changing learning.


Life Skills

Improving Dog Obedience Training reliability by building your Dog's Life Skills; confidence, optimism, flexibility, tolerance to frustration, independence, focus, recall, calmness etc.



Enjoy your calm, confident dog's unlimited potential with our fun, 3 minute games based training. We teach owners how to train their dogs to make good choices.

Popular Dog Obedience Training Programs


Puppy Obedience Training

Simple 2-minute obedience training sessions for a calm, confident puppy. Our Puppy Preschool Obedience training course covers sit, drop, stand, stay, crate training, recall, toilet training, loose leash walking, calmness, basic obedience commands, how to stop jumping up, stop biting, preventing separation anxiety, focus, flexibility, tolerance to frustration and more.


Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training that's fun, transform your connection and improve your dog's manners. Teach your dog how to sit, drop, stand, come when called, walk on a loose leash, heel off-lead, stay, fetch and more.


Stop Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common behaviour struggle for many breeds of dog. We share our practical strategies to help stop separation anxiety. We have created a simple 3 step system that will increase your dog's independence, optimism and flexibility.

Proven Dog Obedience Training Methods

Ethical Dog and Puppy Obedience Training Classes and Online – Stop common behaviour problems without the use of force and intimidation, including; separation anxiety, dog reactivity, dog aggression, barking, biting, chewing, jumping, humping, nipping, digging, mouthing etc.

Our online dog obedience training course gives you the skills for potty training, crate training, obedience training, place training, loose leash walking, toilet training puppy and more.

Our dog obedience training methods have been tested

"As a first-time puppy owner, I felt so overwhelmed when I brought our puppy home. The Foresight Dog Obedience Training course taught me how to communicate with my puppy and how to establish a healthy routine. We now have a well-mannered dog and we're so grateful."
- Melissa B.
“I wasn't expecting dog training to be so much fun! We started in our local obedience school and my dog was so disengaged and bored. Foresight Dog Training's methods are fun for you and your dog. I saw results immediately!”
- Mathew K.
“My Cavoodle suffered with severe, life-debilitating separation anxiety and I feared nothing was going to help her. After just 1 week of training I noticed a huge transformation in Winnie's behaviour and she continues to go from strength to strength. Thank you Foresight Dog Training, Tres you're a miracle worker!”
- Olivia N.

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